La danza

Bachata: originated in the Dominican Republic; 3-step dance with tap or hip movement on 4th beat; instruments typically include guitar, bass, bongo or tambora drums, and güira; popular artists include Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, and Frank Reyes

Merengue: official dance of the DR, especially of the Cibao region; instruments include marimba, güira, tambora, and accordian; two-step based, 4 beats/steps per complete turn; involves more turns than bachata, and is often faster; all about the hips

Dembow: reggaeton; originated in Panama, ultimately getting its name in Puerto Rico; provocatively danced, lyrics often quite vulgar

…and last but not least, here’s the latest dance craze.  I swear kids start practicing the minute they leave the womb, because my body will never move like this.

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