“me dejó con el moño hecho” – literally, to be left with your hair in a bun; more figuratively, to leave someone hanging

“vivir del cuento” – to be living the dream, not having to work, without responsibilities

“hacerse el loco” – to be irresponsible, someone knows what he/she has to do but doesn’t do it

“péguense, como anoche” – literally, to glue yourselves together like at the club last night (used by the guys collecting money on guaguas to fit more people inside)

“ponerse en pinta” – to get ready, to go look nice

“vivir a costilla de otro” – literally, to live at the rib of another; to ride someone’s coattails, to continue benefitting off someone else

“estar chivo” – literally, to be like a goat; to be alert or suspicious

“cuál e’ el meneo?” or “que e’ lo que se mueve?” – to ask what’s going on

“se fue a pique” – to have plans go out the window

“tengo un pique” – to be mad or annoyed

“entrar en cuento” – to be non-negociable

“cheposa” or “de chepa” – to be lucky, to have happened by luck

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