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happy domingo!

10 Mar

It’s been a pretty successful weekend I’d say…lots of reading, eating, card games, conversation, good coffee, and even better fruit juices. Pretty sure I’m addicted to guava. And mango…

We ended this week’s training with a transportation class. There’s six of us staying in the furthest barrio from the training center. Thank goodness for the two teachers that helped us navigate the public transportation because here it’s a nightmare, or very intimidating anyway. There are various forms to get from one place to another, taxis being the safest but also the most expensive. Since we live a bit too far to walk, not to mention the Autopista Duarte that lies in between our neighborhood and our destination, carros públicos and guaguas will be our primary methods of transit. Carros públicos are run-down sedans (read: would most definitely not pass inspection) that cost 20 pesos per ‘seat’. Accordingly, two people sit up front with the driver, and up to four people sit in the back. Add the heat of the DR and some sticky, leather seats, and you’ve got yourself quite an adventure! Guaguas on the other hand cost 25 pesos and are minivan-like busses. They’re a bit more comfortable and secure, but still have the potential of becoming just as crowded. Though having the opportunity to walk to training would help me save money and get more exercise, I’ll be happy to have a solid foundation in navigating from “A” to “B” via la transportación pública

I went to church today! Can’t remember the last time I went, but my family appreciated it – it’s a good way to compartir and to develop confianza. I have a hard time following a church service in English, not to mention one in a different language, but I understood what was going on for the most part. It seems much more relaxed and informal here – most people wore jeans, and there was a good amount of singing and laughing. The Dominican Republic is predominately a Catholic country, and since it’s Cuaresma, my family is not eating meat on Fridays. This last Friday they made me Ramen. When they asked me if I’d had it before, I thought about saying “yes, when I was a broke, college student”, but I didn’t want to give them the wrong impression. And really, is there anyone who’s too good for a bowl of Ramen every once and a while? Aside from the soup though, I’ve already had a fair sampling of tasty traditional food. Here’s to trying many more, and to becoming a master of public transportation…

  • mangú: mashed plantains with butter and salt
  • sancocho: a bean stew with yucca, plantains, yams, and other starches, often made with chicken or pork
  • moro: rice and beans mixed together, as opposed to being served separate – my host mom made me this today for lunch and added coconut, delicioso
  • concón: crunchy, almost burned rice that’s left at the bottom of the pot – odd concept, kinda hurts your teeth, but is actually pretty yummy