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A Court Story

2 Mar

Now that we have the whole land thing figured out (for today anyway), we’re working on finalizing our budget, planning a timeline for construction, organizing accommodations for when the group comes, and FUNDRAISING.  As I’ve mentioned, Courts for Kids provides each project with US$5000 towards construction materials specifically for the court.  Though the court itself is the most important, these athletes are envisioning a bigger picture – bleachers, lights, and the whole sha-bang.  Though it seems grandiose, it makes sense to think this way because our hope is that the court be used year-round, day or night, and not for just sporting activities, but also for community, religious, or educational events that would require seating and lighting for a large audience.

To share all the goings-on related to this project, I’ve created two websites:

  • A Facebook Page – This will be the official page of this project.  In addition to this blog, I’ll use this page to share where we’re at in the process of construction, fundraising, and so on, along with photos of the project and the people involved
  • A Fundraising Page – here you’ll be able to learn about our fundraising goals and personally contribute to this cause

Thanks in advance for your support and motivation.  We are excited to turn this initiative into a reality, to get you involved, and to make a positive, lasting impact in Pescadería.