you are cordially invited

19 Feb

…to my going away party!

when?  this sunday, 2/24

what time?  12-3

where?  my dad’s house (1957 prosper road in woodstock)

we’ll provide light snacks and refreshments so POR FAVOR – come one, come all… really, the more the merrier!  


also, since it’s really getting down to the wire (t minus two weeks!!), i figured i’d share a bit more information about what i’ll be doing for the next few years.  this is pretty much all that i’ve been told, and clearly i’ll learn more once i get to the DR, but here are the details to my assignment:

program: community economic development

title: community economic advisor

orientation: march 5th

pre-service training: march 6-may 15

service: may 16, 2013-may 14, 2015

and here’s a vague summation of my volunteer assignment description:

  • improve living conditions by empowering communities, families, and individuals to make informed financial decisions
  • help develop business administration skills, financial management, and organizational efficiency of community-based NGOs
  • support entrepreneurs to strengthen business practices and better manage financial conditions
  • develop and assist with income-generating projects




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